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The Spokane Punk Project

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I need help. Seriously.

Help me. Please.

I have a warm spot in my heart for the Sunset Grange.

Because of this warm squishy feeling curdling in my heart, I am busily creating a digital compilation of old Spokane punk bands. This will be remastered to take out some of the noise caused by bad recordings and tapes worn-out by too many playings, but first........

I am gonna need some help.

Any old punk tapes, 7" records, cd's from the late 80's and early to mid 90's, are desperately wanted!! I'll even send you a tape and a stamped envelope to send a copy. Donate a copy we can use complete with the band names and (hopefully) track names listed, and we'll credit you on the compilation and send you a free copy (it will most likely be in the form of a buttload of mp3's, with a sweet insert cover).

OR if you are greedy, I'll give you a few bucks.

So go dig out the old Cause, Suction Goat, Kate Poapdin, or whatever. And copy it. Now.

EMAIL ME, AND LETS GET THIS GOING!!! I only have 2 tapes and an old Motherload 7" left, so it is slow work if I don't get some help.. THANKS!!


EMAIL ME!!!!----> spokanepunk(at)

even better, SEND ME YOUR MUSIC!
A copy of a tape is good, so long as you include the band name, album name, and track lists. Photocopies of cool pictures, album art, and old t-shirts is great too.

6703 Sycamore Ave NW
Seattle, Warshington

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